Boating, Navigation & Electronics
Ideal for ‘new to the area’, new boaties and those wanting to learn about navigation equipment.

We offer the chance for you to gain confidence in your vessel, so that you can independently navigate your way to the Reef or closer inshore areas. Our services include:

  • Boat launch and retrieval techniques
  • Navigation of the creeks and bar crossing
  • Sounder and chart plotting tuition
  • Navigation to the Reef, islands and lagoons
  • Safe and accurate anchoring
  • Weather conditions, tides and moons
  • Safety, rules and regulations

Combine this with some fishing, swimming and snorkelling, and you’ll have the ultimate Reef adventure. Available for a full day, overnight or multi-night trip.

Our Other Services

Snorkelling & Island Trips

Discover the natural beauty of the world-heritage listed Great Barrier Reef.

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Full day, overnight & multi-night trips. Learn new fishing tips and techniques.

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Want to know more about the area without a guide on board? Book a one hour phone consult.

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